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Roof Reflectivity: Cool Savings

Cool roofing options can save thousands of dollars in energy costs and add five to ten years to your roof. It’s an environmentally-friendly process that is applied directly to your existing roof that instantly reduces your electric bill and comes with a full warranty.

Advanced Roofing, the premier re-roofing company in the industry, combines this state-of-the-art technology with 25 years of roof restoration experience to provide this money-saving option for your property. All materials are Miami-Dade County approved and environmentally safe.

 ARI’s “cool” roof coatings reflect sunlight from the surface, reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the structure. A lower surface temperature means reduced interior temperatures and reduced demand for air conditioning. The coatings are made with special materials that also increase your roof’s thermal emittance level, or your roof’s ability to radiate the absorbed heat. All of Advanced Roofing’s reflective coatings are Energy Star rated.

“The coatings reflect the sun’s rays and don’t absorb the heat from those rays,” explained Danny Stokes, Advanced Roofing Vice President. “You will feel the difference inside the building itself, and see the difference in your utility bill,” he added. It’s important to realize that the amount of benefits you will get will vary depending on the coating, how energy efficient a facility already is, and the size of your structure. Choosing a coating instead of a full re-roof option may save you 70% of the cost of your roof repair in addition to substantial energy savings over the life of your roof.


But the story gets even better. Florida Power and Light offers rebates for energy efficiency options. A cool roof from ARI earns you a rebate of 45 cents per square foot. For a 20,000 square foot building, that means nearly $9,000. The work must be pre-approved by FPL and performed by a participating independent pre-qualified contractor. Your incentive will be in the form of an up-front discount on the cost of the job. An interactive page on the FPL website contains a list of 126 approved products.